Sydney`s oldest after-hours
Medical Deputising Service

Sydney Medical Service – 1300 HOME GP Co-operative Ltd is Sydney’s oldest after-hours Medical Deputising Service, and is fully accredited to RACGP standards.

It is a Not-for-Profit Co-operative run by Doctors for Doctors and has been in operation since 1966.


  • 1. We respect the rights and needs of our patients.
  • 2. We are committed to improving patient outcomes.
  • 3. To maintain quality communications between patients, doctors and ourselves.
  • 4. A commitment to on-going education for our Locums and staff.
  • 5. We strive for efficient practice systems.


Sydney Medical Service – 1300 HOME GP Co-Operative Limited was formed in 1966 by the amalgamation of two existing services. It was the first Medical Deputising Service to be incorporated under the Co-operative Act, New South Wales, as a not for profit “Community Advancement Society”


Sydney Medical Service is managed by a board of directors all of whom are general practitioners and our rules have been approved by the registrar of co-operatives and cannot be altered unless strict requirements demanded by the Co-operatives Act have been fully met.


  • Dr John Stanford Chairman
  • Dr Martin Bailey Vice Chairman
  • Dr Ken Cho
  • Dr Frank Keh
  • Dr Aline Smith
  • Dr John Barker-Whittle
  • Dr Robert Yeoh AM


Adel Badawy is the CEO of SMS Co-op Ltd and has the day to day responsibility for the operations of the Service.
Dr Jerome Stern is the SMS Medical Director who take part in the training and induction of new SMS Locums and are available to locums for any medical advice.