For General Practitioners

Complementing your General Practice and patients:

As a Medical Deputizing Service we work to complement your General practice and patients by providing urgent after hours primary health care to patients in their home or at aged care facilities. This provides patients with 24 hour access to quality primary care when linked to their doctor.

The history of Sydney Medical Service – 1300 HOME GP

Sydney Medical Service Co-operative Ltd was formed in 1966 by the amalgamation of two existing services into one company; this subsequently became a Not-For-Profit Co-operative. It was one of the very first medical deputising services in Australia and the very first deputising service to be incorporated under the Co-operatives Act, New South Wales.

In recent years the service has introduced an additional contact number with an improved slogan, 1300 HOME GP (1300 466 347), assisting patients and GPs when making enquiries.

Since our inception, the service has been governed by a board of General Practitioners, all of whom are vocationally trained. We continue to be Australian owned and operated. Through the ongoing support of our GP members, the service has thrived and continues to develop.

What services are available?

When your patient calls our service via direct contact or where phones have been diverted by your practice to the call centre, our staff will arrange a home booking where appropriate.


Telehealth consults are available if your practice is registered with our service and if the patient has had a face to face visit with their regular doctor within the previous 12 months.


The booking will be sent to our locum practitioner on duty in the patient’s area via our software program.


Where the patient deteriorates, we ask that they contact the office to discuss an alternative course of action if needed, or, if the condition is life threatening, to call 000 immediately for assistance.


Our membership works to provide patient care outside normal opening hours. General Practitioners provide their after-hour contact details, as required under the RACGP guidelines, should an urgent need arise during attendance.


Following the attendance of our locum practitioner, a report of the consultation will be sent to the patient’s usual General Practitioner on the following working day by fax or email.

What are our hours?

Our booking line is open from 6pm weekdays and from 12pm Saturday then 24 hours Sunday and Public Holidays.

Our hours of operation are:

Weeknights: 6pm to 8am
Saturday: from 12pm
Sunday & Public Holidays: 24 hours

Sydney Medical Service – 1300 HOME GP will provide a home visit by a qualified general practitioner during the hours we are operational.

Please telephone 02 8724 6300 during the hours listed to arrange a booking.
Alternatively, you may download the smart phone App or book online via the online booking form.

What are the costs?

A $10.00 share to the co-operative for new members.
We have implemented ZERO FEES SUBSCRIPTION POLICY therefore no ongoing costs.

Who is offered membership?

Membership is restricted to Medical Practitioners registered in the State of New South Wales. The Service is managed by a Board of Directors, all of whom are general practitioners, elected by fellow members.

What do GP members receive?

Sydney Medical Service will attend to your patients in the after hours period so you are able to maximize your leisure time and rest assured that your patients are in good hands.

Detailed patient reports are created by our locums and sent directly to your surgery the next working day. A copy is also kept on our database. Should you have special instructions in relation to the treatment of your patient, this can be entered into the patient file for all locums to view. We will also attend to any urgent pathology in the after hour period. The service utilises a state of the art wireless communications system which permits the rapid transfer of patient data to the locum’s computer at the patient’s bedside.

Sydney Medical Service does not provide medical advice over the phone.

Are you accredited?

We have been accredited to the standards required by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). This accreditation process demonstrates we:

  • Respect the rights and needs of our patients.
  • Are committed to improving patient outcomes.
  • Have efficient practice systems.
  • Have quality communication between patients, doctors and the Service.
  • Are committed to ongoing education.
How do you choose your staff?

Careful selection of locums as a basic policy of Sydney Medical Service has resulted in being able to offer a team of qualified personnel who diligently accept responsibility when working for us. Our locums consult with and are monitored by our Medical Directors. This assures your patients will be in competent hands at all times.

How are the practitioner’s equipped?

Our locums are Independent practitioners, maintain general registration with APHRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency) and are appropriately qualified and supported by our service through training and mentoring. Public liability insurance for an amount not less than twenty million dollars ($20,000,000.00) per claim, along with medical indemnity insurance for an amount not less than ($10,000,000.00) on an occurrence basis, are held with recognised insurance companies that are licensed by Australian Law.


CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is maintained with either the RACGP (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners or ACRRM (Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine).


Each practitioner carries a medical bag equipped to RACGP standards.

Do you attend to deaths?

We are requested to attend a patient to confirm death. Where the General Practitioner surgery is a member of our service, our practitioner will verify that all vital functions have ceased and issue a life extinct form.


This allows the patient to be moved to the funeral home of the family’s choice. The full death certificate will then be completed by the patient’s GP next working day.


Non-urgent results will be sent to surgery on the next working day. Where urgent pathology is received during the after-hour period, our Medical Director will review the results and advise the appropriate treatment. A report of the treatment administered and a copy of the results will be sent to the patient’s General Practitioner.


Confirmation will be required from the patient’s regular doctor after receiving urgent and non-urgent results of having reviewed the results and discussed with the patient by signing our confirmation form, which is then uploaded to the patient’s file.